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Restorative Redesign

Loving Your Living Space

"May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility." ~ Mary Ann Radmacher

Studies have shown that people who love their environment are:

  • Drawn to restorative spaces that benefit their health and help them enjoy a high quality of life.
  • Associate their environment with feelings of connection or belonging, safety, comfort, and well-being.
  • Enjoy a connection that makes the home a uniquely distinctive, special, preferred and meaningful place with intrinsic value.

The Home as a Healing Environment

"It is so important to seed our environment with things that speak to us and support us in all we are capable of being." ~ Xorin Balbes

Create a restorative home environment that supports healthier living and improves overall beauty, quality, functionality, durability and enjoyment of your home. We help you to complement your home’s unique features with aesthetic, cohesive, functional design that creates a balanced, peaceful, and inspiring atmosphere. Multi-use spaces support daily routines and meet the diverse needs of you and your family members (ages and activities). Natural settings within the home provide recreational space for regular social or physical activities and a refuge for privacy, quiet, peace, and inner reflection. Recreation and calming spaces help to relieve stress and mental fatigue, balance emotions, problem solve, and prioritize goals.

Together, we work with you to harmonize the interior and exterior design to support and reflect the home’s distinctive character; while, reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to the occupants’ health and wellbeing/quality of life. We also help you to use redesign to enrich connections to the unique location, neighborhood, local community, and green landscape.

Our restorative redesign:

  • Highlights architecture style and features.
  • Incorporates green-sustainable, non-toxic, durable, quality materials, finishes, and furnishings.
  • Optimizes home lighting, functionality, and efficiency.
  • Infuses natural elements.
  • Offers an inviting outdoor landscape.

Revitalizing your Home

Living Sanctuary: Heart and Home helps you revitalize your living space; from detoxing, decluttering, and curation/redesign with small changes to larger updates.

Where to begin...

  • A refreshing coat of paint or decorative wallpaper
  • A new, inspiring new color palette
  • Unique, hand-curated furniture, fabrics (for furniture, cushions, and throws), lighting, and/or accessories
  • Light enhancing, heat reducing window treatments (drapery, blinds)
  • Natural flooring replacements (reclaimed wood, tile, laminated floorboard, carpet)

Unique, beautiful furnishings are professionally sourced to stunningly bring out the architectural features and elegantly infuse your selected color palette throughout the home. Natural, organic, green-sustainable, eco-friendly, energy efficient, antique, reused, and reclaimed options help you save money and reduce your home’s environmental footprint. We carefully select each design component from quality companies and pass our trade discounts directly to you. Gradual changes also help prepare for a future sale of the home.

Our Professional Home Care Solutions include:

Contact us, we will listen to your specific needs and work with you to plan and create a home that supports a healthier and more fulfilling, quality of life for you and your family.