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Reduce, Repurpose, & Recycle

“Letting go of physical clutter, also declutters the mind and soul.” ~ April Williams

Benefits of decluttering:

  • Reduces cleaning time
  • Enhances your home's overall aesthetic
  • Increases functionality of a space, items are selected to match the vision and intention for the room
  • Helps to more easily organize your life/schedule
  • Helps to improve your quality of life and supports lasting, positive change
  • Optimize time, energy, and freedom
  • Simplifies restyling, redesigns, and renovations

Professional Online Support to Declutter Your Home

“Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ~ William Morris

In the current pandemic, being shuttered-in often includes facing the clutter in their home. For some people, the extra time has allowed for a quick resolution. For others, there may be difficulty figuring out where to start, feelings of being stuck, and increasing frustrations with decluttering to move forward. We work with you to create a clear path to clutter-free living.

We provide personalized phone, video consults and online resources to help you create space to fully enjoy being in your home. We help you to declutter and select items that contribute to the beauty, health, and efficiency of your re-imagined space. You receive guidance through each phase of the decluttering process: vision, action plan, follow-through, and support.

Fine-Tuning Your Vision with New Strategies and Tools

For a successful decluttering project, we work together to lay the foundation by helping you:

  • Develop a clear vision for staying motivated with internal accountability.
  • Review the intention for the space/room(s) as well as values, goals/challenges, daily routine, natural habits, and lifestyle.
  • Resolve patterns and underlying issues that contribute to disorganization.
  • Use new strategies and tools for build healthy habits to simplify the process.
  • Repurpose multi-use decluttering tools to improve other areas of your life (i.e., creativity/productivity, work-life balance).

Personalized Action Plan

Together, we develop a personalized, step-by step action plan with a realistic timeline to fit your schedule. Practical planning reduces the stress; vision, direction, and outlined steps helps to more easily complete your weekly goals.

What to keep…. 

Fine-tuning your vision and well-defined action plan simplifies the selection process. We help you develop efficient criteria for choosing what to keep, recycle, or throw away.

Important item criteria to consider:

  • Effectively supports your vision
    • Current usefulness
    • Quality, efficiency, and durability
    • Purpose and capacity to repurpose
  • Positively contributes to your health and wellbeing (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual)
    • Beauty and ability to inspire, motivate, and energetically uplift you

Follow-Through, Consistency, and Support

Decluttering can be a sensitive process. There may be items that bring up emotions or memories; we compassionately support you in choosing to keep or release these items. It is important to consistently create the time for the process to experience successful change with visual results in the desired time frame. We also help your to apply your vision to create a manageable, regular practice to maintain your beautiful, refreshingly uncluttered space.


Virtual Home Decluttering Premium Package (up 4 hrs; 1500 sq ft*): $499

  • Video Home Decluttering Consult with Project Guide (2 hrs)
  • 4 Declutter Coaching Sessions (30 min)

Virtual Home Decluttering Deluxe Package (up 7 hrs; 2500 sq ft*): $699

  • Video Home Decluttering Consult with Project Guide (3 hrs)
  • 7 Declutter Coaching Sessions (30 min)

*Additional sessions available, $90 per hr

Contact us to learn more and to schedule a complimentary phone or video consult. We can help you to "let go" for greater enjoyment of your home.