Healing Lifestyle, Environment, & Our Quality of Life

"...what really makes a house a home is how successfully it supports our daily activities and expresses and nurtures our best thoughts, memories, feelings, and patterns of behavior- our way of life..." ~ Winifred Gallagher

As our lifestyles become more hectic, stress significantly affects our relationships, health and wellbeing, and quality of life. Streamlining our lifestyle infuses healing into our everyday experience with more space for creative prosperity and nurturing relationships. We work with you to create a healing lifestyle and environment that optimizes health and wellbeing, improves quality of life, reduces personal carbon footprint, and helps to renew the planet.

Online Personal Course: Phone/Video Consults and Coaching Sessions

Together, we work through the steps of creating a healing lifestyle to support and help cultivate a thriving, fulfilling, peaceful, and inspiring experience. This lifestyle personal course is customized to meet your individual needs and to address your specific challenges.

Lifestyle Cleanse & Detox

The Lifestyle Cleanse and/or Detox establishes a practice of nourishing lifestyle foods (i.e., strengths, insights, and skill development) and an in-depth elimination of negative self-talk, unhealthy expression of emotion, and other toxins that can sabotage the declutter process. Lifestyle foods drive our lifestyle choices and habits.

Simplifying life is often suggested as the first step; but, this is usually “easier said than done.” During the 7-Day Cleanse, we help you create a solid foundation for successfully exchanging unhealthy lifestyle foods that contribute to imbalances and challenges; for nourishing ones that create more flow to your daily life.

Our 28-Day Detox builds upon the cleanse foundation and for a “deeper cleaning” releases limiting beliefs, unhealthy self-talk, overthinking, wounding, betrayal, and emotional difficulties (i.e., worry, fear, anger, guilt, jealousy) that reinforce challenging and often draining lifestyle beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and habits. This gentle approach is not focused on restriction; which is common with food detoxes. Strengths and inner awareness are compassionately cultivated as internal resources to overcome old lifestyle temptations. You receive guidance and tools to powerfully prepare you for creating a sustainable lifestyle (simplified, easy to maintain for the long-haul) that is customized for your needs, goals, and overall health and wellbeing.

Lifestyle Declutter & Redesign

Lifestyle Declutter and Redesign focuses on helping you to create a life vision, clear challenges and obstacles, and redesign a lifestyle that facilitates the achievement of your values and goals.

Decluttering involves the compassionate release of situations, relationships, activities, behaviors/habits, items with negative emotional attachment, media/social media, and others that are not supporting your vision and desired goals. You receive help in carefully selecting what remains a part of your lifestyle and assessing it’s purpose and effectiveness in contributing to your optimal quality of life.

Lifestyle Redesign maximizes the remaining intentional components of your lifestyle and if desired involves mindful selection of new complementary ones. We work together to develop a functional flow with creative efficiency that reflects your values, meets your goals, enhances your relationships, and improves your overall lived experience (i.e., fulfillment, inner peace, happiness, work-life balance, prosperity). You also receive strategies and tools to make future "renovations" to accommodate life changes.


7-Day Lifestyle Cleanse Package (2 hrs*): $180
Package includes:

  • Video Lifestyle Cleanse Consult (1 hr)
  • 1 Lifestyle Coaching Session (30 min)
  • 2 check-ins with online resources (15 min)

28-Day Lifestyle Detox Package (4 hrs*): $360
Package includes:

  • Video Lifestyle Detox Consult (1 hr)
  • 4 Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (30 min)
  • 4 check-ins (15 min) with online resources

Lifestyle Declutter & Redesign Package (4 hrs*): $360
Package includes:

  • Video Lifestyle Declutter & Redesign Consult (1 hr)
  • 4 Lifestyle Coaching Sessions (30 min)
  • 4 check-ins (15 min) with online resources

*Additional sessions available, $90 hr

Contact us to learn more and to discuss which options are best for your specific needs and desired goals. Schedule a complimentary phone or video consult.