Color & Curation: Refresh, Restore & Rejuvenate

“As we evolve, our homes should, too.” ~ Suzanne Tucker

Virtual Home Curation: A Health, Artistic Approach to Web-based Redesign

Curation is "the action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition." Our redesign takes a curation approach to creating an imaginative, artistic, restorative, and balanced, room composition that reflects the personality of the residents and the intention for the space. We see the home as a special collection of new and evolving memories or experiences of the person or family who lives there. When thoughtfully displayed or "exhibited," the home embodies connection, warmth, and healing.

Color & Curation is perfect for:

  • Celebrating the changing seasons.
  • Preparing for home gatherings.
  • Getting into the spirit of the holidays.
  • Enjoying a fresh, new perspective of your home.

Create a cohesive scheme with heart-warming color, and healthy, sustainable decor selections that are arranged for efficient, frequent use, and daily enjoyment.

  • Enhance the beauty and comfort of a room or your entire home
  • Improve functionality
  • Inspire with color and texture create vibrant accents with unique decor
  • Bring new life to architectural features
  • Optimize furniture layout
  • Intentionally place accessories to complement your space
  • Reuse, recycle, and repurpose; revitalize with non-toxic, earth-friendly furnishing, finishes, flooring wall and window treatments

Professionally Redesign Your Home Online!

“Color and texture helps to make our world a fascinating and beautiful place.” ~ Anna Starmer


As with our other home care solutions, we start with helping you to fine-tune you and your family’s vision for the space or the entire home. A clear vision provides the foundation for creating an efficient concept/scheme that serves the intention for the space and effectively supports holistic health and wellbeing, a balanced lifestyle, general needs (i.e., small children, allergies, pets), and life goals. An online/virtual concept board is developed to allow easy communication, workflow, and decor sourcing.


Color can change mood, uplift spirits, and balance emotional needs. We help you to select the right color palette and healthy paint finishes that support your vision and rooms’ purpose; work well with the available natural lighting; and complement the architectural style and features. Easy-maintenance live greenery options are also available. Greenery contributes to uniquely stylish and cohesive design providing multiple mood and health benefits.

Clearing Space

Decluttering is also an important part of the redesign process. As space as created, it is easier to maximize the use and enjoyment of a room and its contents. We work with you to declutter your home and select vision-aligned items that can be reused, repurposed, recycled and/or upcycled to contribute to the beauty, efficiency, and health of your re-imagined space.


We will work together to review your selected rooms and current styling to determine the most effective options to rejuvenate or "liven up" your home. If additional furnishings are needed, we will help you choose unique, beautiful selections that are also healthy, green, and sustainable. Your project may include the selection of furniture, upholstery fabrics, lighting, accessories, wall or window treatments, flooring, and tile.

Video Color & Curation Consult with Project Guide

"For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond to and balance one another.” ~ Andree Putman

The comprehensive, video color and curation consult with project guide give you all the expert advice you need to complete the transformation yourself.

  • Detailed pre-consult phone interview to completely understand your project, style and preferences
  • Video consult and easy, step-by-step project guide (PDF)
  • Color advice to rejuvenate each room
  • Guidance for de-cluttering and optimizing space in the selected room(s)
  • Recommendations for improving room layout: furniture arrangement and flow
  • Recommended lighting, window treatments, and accessory placement
  • Strategies for highlighting your home’s unique style and distinctive architectural features
  • Ideas for meaningful, connection points in each room
  • Easy maintenance options for aesthetic living greenery 

We focus on your specified areas or the following main living areas of your home:

  • Main living area
  • Kitchen
  • Main bathroom
  • Main bedroom
  • If time permits, we also curate other key living areas 

Décor Sourcing with Direct Trade Discounts

Create cohesion with carefully selected, unique accessories to complete the look and feel of your living space. We professionally source beautiful furnishings that stunningly bring out the architectural features and seamlessly infuse the selected color scheme throughout the home. We hand-curate each piece from quality, brands and companies.

  • Budget and shopping list developed for green-sustainable, healthy key items
  • Sourced for the most cost-effective pricing
  • Trade discounts passed directly to you for added savings
  • Photos of sourced items reviewed and approved prior to purchase; receipts provided for all purchases
  • Accessories are directly shipped from the supplier to your home


Virtual Color & Curation Premium Package (up to 4 hrs/1500 sq ft*): $399

  • Video Color & Curation Consult with Project Guide (2 hrs)
  • Professional Décor Sourcing (2 hrs) 

Virtual Color & Curation Deluxe Package (up to 6 hrs/2500 sq ft*): $549

  • Video Color & Curation Consult with Project Guide (3 hrs)
  • Professional Décor Sourcing (3 hrs)

*Additional time available, $75 per hr

Contact us to learn more and to schedule a complimentary phone consult. Benefit from healthy, sustainable redesign for a restorative living environment that you love!